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3rd Party Utilities

This page will list various 3rd party utilities for call sign lookups, alternate Award Report formats, QSL label printing etc. If you feel there is one that belongs here, please let us know

Utilities by JA1NLX
Utilities by JA1NLX Aki, JA1NLX has created a series of utility add-ons for Logger32 which are currenty available here . Future versions of these utilities as well as new ones will be available as and when Aki releases them.   
2Tone for RTTY by G3YYD v21.01c  New File
Latest 2Tone by G3YYD This is the latest 2Tone.exe by G3YYD to be unzipped and saved in the Logger32 folder to get 2Tone RTTY functionality.   

QRZ Lookup by N2AMG
QRZ Lookups for Logger32 by N2AMG Lookup add-on for Logger32 by Rick N2AMG who has more Logger32 add-ons at his website. These will be listed here shortly.   
DXCC Award Print File by EA1AUS
Alternate EA1AUS DXCC-IOTA Award Print Files Alternate DXCC-IOTA Award Print Files from EA1AUS    
LogPrint & QSO Map by W1MCP
LogPrint Full Download Log Print 3.00 Full version (~ 2.7 MB)   
LogPrint Upgrade Log Print 3.1.2 Upgrade version (~ 832 KB)   
QSO Map full version QSO Map 1.00 Full Version(~ 7 MB)   
Japanese Online Help for LogPrint Japanese Online Help for LogPrint v3.1